Why Xpad?

Advances in laptop computer technology (maturity of Wi-Fi technology, increased battery life, and higher performance laptop computers) have prolonged their wireless usability. This prolonged wireless usability allows the laptop user to break free from desktop confinement and use the laptop computer like its namesake suggests -- on the 'laptop'.

However, prolonged 'laptop' usability is limited by laptop heat build-up that can limit laptop battery life and cause user discomfort. In our experiments, we have observed laptop computers with temperatures exceeding 130 degrees Fahrenheit. In general, high-performance laptops, wi-fi usage, heavy processing usage, or heavy disk access usage tends to give off more heat.

Xpad was designed to reduce the laptop heat passively (without using power) and to protect its user from laptop heat. However, due to its thougtful and elegant design, the Xpad has become the essential wireless laptop accessory that can be used both on your desk and on your lap as a stabilizing laptop desk that will keep your laptop cooler. Its amazing lightweight and slim design will make you want to take it with you on the go and never part with it.


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